Useful Summer Boiler Tips for your Customers

By encouraging customers to have their boiler serviced during the summer months, they can ensure that it is ready to go when the heating season begins, and avoid any unexpected problems or breakdowns that could leave them without heat during the colder months.

It is generally a good idea to advise customers to switch their boiler on once a month during the summer to ensure that the motors and pumps don’t seize up. Here are some reasons why:

  • Prevents mechanical problems: If the boiler sits unused for an extended period of time, the motors and pumps can seize up due to lack of use. By turning on the boiler once a month during the summer, the parts keep moving and prevent them from seizing up.
  • Reduces the risk of breakdowns: Regular use of the boiler during the summer can help to identify any potential issues that may have arisen during the off-season. This can help customers to address any problems early and prevent breakdowns or other issues when they need the boiler to be functioning properly in the winter.
  • Maintains efficiency: Regular use of the boiler can help maintain its efficiency by ensuring that all components are working as they should. This can help customers save money on heating costs and ensure that the boiler is operating at its optimal level when it’s needed most. It’s always a good idea to let customers know to consult with you for guidance on how to properly maintain and care for your boiler.