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Indoor air can build up high levels of moisture, odours, gases, dust, and other air pollutants and this is why it is important to have proper ventilation. A Firebird Enviroair Ventilation system will improve your indoor air quality and create a healthy and clean home for you and your family.

Firebird located in Cork, Ireland supply a large range of Ventilation systems from single room units to whole house options. We can help you decide which system is best suited for your project, whether for your home or business.


Benefits of Home Ventilation Systems

  • Improves the indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Can recover up to 90% of normal wasted heat.
  • Reduces your heating costs.
  • Eliminates mould, mildew, and combats condensation.
  • Removes the need for bathroom fans and window vents.
  • Your home is quieter and draft free.
  • Constant supply of fresh, healthy, filtered air to your home.
  • No trickle vents or bathroom extractor fans required.
  • Balanced heat distribution throughout the home.
  • Complies with all the latest building control requirements.
  • Fully controllable with manual or remote controls

What Is Heat Recovery?
Many ventilation systems are based on recovering heat from extracted air and are referred to as Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV) or Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems (MVHR). These are energy recovery ventilation systems that use an air to air heat exchanger to recover normally wasted heat while at the same time supplying fresh, highly filtered air, thereby improving the indoor environment in your home.

Heat Recovery systems work independently from your heating system. As the recovered heat would otherwise be lost, a Heat Recovery system can provide big savings on your energy bills.

A MVHR system virtually eliminates condensation and mould within a building by constantly ventilating a property. This means that that it eliminates the risk of structural and cosmetic damage as well as mould, and condensation. An extremely efficient MVHR system can recover up to 90% of heat being lost through extraction and transferal to incoming air.


How MVHR Works
A heat recovery ventilation system works by extracting moist and stale air from wet rooms in your home, it recovers heat that is extracted from the air. It also supplies clean, filtered fresh air that is heated from the recovered warmth of the extracted air.

Radial System

Radial System with the use of Semi Rigid Ducting


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