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Underfloor Heating

Compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating is far more efficient when heating a home as it provides a steady, even temperature throughout the house. Firebird Ireland Enviroair Underfloor Heating systems produce efficiency at low water temperatures resulting in reduced running costs.

Suitable for both new build and upgrade projects, “wet” underfloor heating is the most efficient way to provide space heating as it is up to 25% more efficient than traditional radiators.

Heat is supplied directly to the floor as radiant heat (distributed evenly), creating a more comfortable environment than the air provided by conventional radiators. Underfloor heating generally runs at around 45°C as opposed to 80°C used in radiator systems, thereby saving on energy and running costs, especially when used with a renewable heat source such as the Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump.

Enviroair Underfloor Heating systems are suitable for a wide range of ground and upper floor constructions. Using the full range of system components, it is simple to create individual heating systems to achieve required comfort levels. Enviroair Underfloor Heating systems can be easily combined with radiator systems for extensions and conservatories, or to create a mixed heating system offering radiators on upper floors if desired.


  • 25% more efficient than traditional radiators.
  • Ideal for well insulated, low energy homes.
  • More space and design freedom.
  • Cost effective to run.
  • Safety and comfort.

Enviroair Underfloor Heating kits in Ireland
Enviroair Underfloor Heating kits from Firebird in Ireland contain all the components required for use with an Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump and are available for the following floor constructions.

Solid Floors
This type of construction is typically used on ground floors or block and beam floors. The Enviroair underfloor heating pipes are laid on top of insulation board placed over a solid concrete base. Screed is then over the top of the pipes.


How does a water underfloor heating system work?
A “wet” underfloor heating system is like a giant radiator at floor level. A series of plastic pipes are connected to a heat source to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space by producing radiant heat. Since the floor (the radiator) is so large and the heat is more evenly distributed, it only needs to run at a low temperature to heat the room. This means that the water flowing around the floor needs to be at a far lower temperature than a traditional radiator system.

The diagrams illustrate how the heat travels around the room in a radiator system (left) and in an underfloor heating system (right). The underfloor heating system heats the living area in the room, whilst the heat from the radiator system collects at the ceiling – a much less efficient heating method.

Following a basic sequence of operation, a typical controlled underfloor heating system will respond to the heat demand in the property as required.

How does an Enviroair underfloor heating system link with a Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump?
The underfloor heating system works in the same way as a radiator system does when linked to a boiler in a traditional heating system. The water and air temperature are controlled through the Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump controller which operates the entire heating system.

The Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump provides an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and hot water systems.

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Firebird Enviroair Underfloor Heating Kit



State-of-the-art Wireless Controls Room temperatures are controlled effortlessly and efficiently with an intuitive, wired programmable thermostat or by intelligent remote room sensors, which can be operated remotely via a smartphone app. The system controller automatically runs the entire heating system, including controlling any pre-existing boilers and has a built-in weather compensation control. Easy to operate control functions such as hot water loading, auto heat, screed drying functions, a “one-touch” holiday button and automatic switch off if a certain outside temperature is reached, are all included.


Multi-Function Controller

  • Enviroair Heat Pump range.
  • Acts as a programmable room stat.
  • Wizard start-up configuration.
  • Easier start-up of the system.
  • Auto heat function.
  • Quick actions menu for more comprehensive view.
  • Functions include: Timer, ECO, Status,
  • Schedule, and Weather compensation.
  • Boost action – allows for immediate heating of domestic hot water.
  • Automatic Legionella backup.
  • Air purge function for the test run.
  • Screed drying function.
  • Intelligent control of bi-valent systems.


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A typical drawing and material list supplied when purchasing your Underfloor Heating package from Firebird.