Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump

Heat Pump

A Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump works by using a refrigeration process to transform low-grade energy from the outside air into high-grade energy. This high-grade energy (heat) is automatically transferred to water, which is then ready to be used in a heating system and for domestic hot water (up to 60°C). Even at temperatures as low as -20°C, the Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump can supply significantly more energy than it uses.

Cheaper to install than a ground source heat pump, every 1kW of electricity used to power an Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump provides up to 5kW of energy to your home.

Firebird Recommends that either a Firebird stove or a Firebird boiler is installed alongside the heat pump to provide adequate, affordable heat in extreme cold.

On reviewing your house plans, our experts can calculate your exact needs as to radiators and/or underfloor heating, hot water and heat pump outputs, based on heat loss calculations and the heating requirements from each room.


The Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump Can Be Combined With:

  • Radiators.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Underfloor heating/radiator combination.
  • Water heaters.
  • Other external heating sources such as boilers, stove or solar thermal systems.

Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump Range

The size of the heat pump you require will depend on many different factors and Firebird can help you determine the right model for your home.

Firebird Range:
5kW 11kW
7.5kW 14kW
8KW 16kW

Air Source Heat Pump – Designed to work in all seasons

Ideal for the Local Climate

A heat pump that uses air as its heat source will perform better as the air temperature increases. The industry standard for quoting the output and efficiency of an air to water heat pump is 7°C external temperature and a 35°C flow temperature.

The climate in Ireland is generally mild and therefore ideally suited for a heat pump but when we have a cold snap it is reassuring to know that the Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump heating capacities are maintained even when the temperature is as low as -15 °C.


Exceeding homeowners expectations

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Historically, a limitation with air source heat pumps has been the level of sound energy generated (sound power), especially where Building Regulation requirements need to be met. The Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump from Firebird in Ireland is ultra-quiet and emits less decibels than a domestic fridge.


Environmentally Friendly Heat Pumps

Not only can the Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pumps reduce CO2 emissions, but they also utilise the environmentally friendly refrigerant that causes no harm to the ozone layer. This complies with the European RoHS Directive which limits the use of environmentally harmful substances.



Preventing Legionella is an important consideration when designing hot water systems, particularly those which operate at lower temperatures than traditional systems. Many air source heat pumps rely on the addition of a hot water boost kit to reach the required temperature of 60 °C to run a weekly Legionella prevention programme. This not only adds an extra component to the system, but also increases energy use. With Firebird’s Enviroair range, the Legionella protection programme has an auto function which is built-in and can run weekly, without the need for a hot water booster kit.



You are in control

State-of-the-art Wireless Controls Room temperatures are controlled effortlessly and efficiently with an intuitive, wired programmable thermostat or by intelligent remote room sensors, which can be operated remotely via a smartphone app. The system controller automatically runs the entire heating system, including controlling any pre-existing boilers and has a built-in weather compensation control. Easy to operate control functions such as hot water loading, auto heat, screed drying functions, a “one-touch” holiday button and automatic switch off if a certain outside temperature is reached, are all included.


Multi-Function Controller

  • Same controller for the complete
  • Enviroair Heat Pump range.
  • Acts as a programmable room stat.
  • Wizard start-up configuration.
  • Easier start-up of the system.
  • Auto heat function.
  • Quick actions menu for more comprehensive view.
  • Functions include: Timer, ECO, Status,
  • Schedule, and Weather compensation.
  • Boost action – allows for immediate heating of domestic hot water.
  • Automatic Legionella backup.
  • Air purge function for the test run.
  • Screed drying function.
  • Intelligent control of bi-valent systems.


Product Specification

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