Envirocyl Quick Plumb Units

Quick Plumb Unit

Envirocyl Quick Plumb Unit & Cylinders
With a large proportion of the plumbing work already done at the factory, a pre-plumbed cylinder from Firebird in Ireland can substantially cut onsite installation time by around 70%, reducing the amount of disruption to the customer.

In addition to significant reductions in installation times, pre-plumbed cylinders bring a consistency to each installation for a neater, more aesthetically appealing finish. They can also represent a substantial reduction in hassle and disruption to the homeowner or a house built as part of a planned build project.

With the most time-consuming aspects of the installation taken care of, all the plumber has to do is connect the Quick Plumb Unit, do a quick check of all the connections and it is ready for commissioning. The Envirocyl Quick Plumb Unit is compatible with the Firebird Enviroair Heat Pump.

We have multiple options available to suit your heating requirements:
* Cased/uncased * vented/unvented * 180/210/300 litres.

Quick Plumb Units



  • Easy access for installation and servicing.
  • Fully pre-plumbed and pre-wired.
  • Premium quality white case finish.
  • High flow rate controls – ideal for multiple bathrooms.
  • All pipework connections are BSP.
  • Mains pressure hot water for fast filling baths and powerful showers.
  • Fast reheat and high insulation values, resulting in high efficiency.
  • User-friendly PCB controller.
  • Quick drain down system.
  • Ready to be paired with Hi-Kumo smart control app.

Envirocyl Cylinders
The perfect solution when combined with the Firebird Interface Unit.

Product Specification

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