Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump – Why Choose a Firebird?

With a growing focus on energy efficiency and reducing our environmental impact, sustainability and carbon reduction, choosing energy sources like an air to water air source heat pump, into a home’s heating system is important and can help to future-proof your home.

If you need high performance levels, but only have limited space then choose the Firebird Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump and you only need to install one external module for your heating solution.

Heat can be spread through your current heating system, like a heated floor, low-temp radiators, or convector fans. This is an effective cost-saving solution.

The Enviroair air source heat pump uses 70% free power from the air and only 30% electricity.


Here’s what you need to know about air source heat pumps!

The power savings generated are directly proportional to the coefficient of operating performance (COP). With the Enviroair air source heat pump, for every 1 kW of power consumed, 5.25 kW of heating are available (under nominal operating conditions).


Ecologically responsible commitment

With its thermodynamic system, the Enviroair air source heat pump produces more power than it consumes.

A technology that truly performs!

Quiet and compact, these heat pumps currently represent the best performing technology to equip your home.

more comfort

  • Operation guaranteed down to external temperatures of -20°C.
  • Ultra-quiet hydraulic modules (noise levels of up to 61dB[A]).
    Low noise level (at 1 meter from the unit, decibel counts for each model).


more economical

Firebird products combine performance with great economy and have some of the highest energy efficiency labels.

more ecological

Hitachi is committed to environmental protection through the introduction of the new R32 refrigerant in its heat pumps.
• Our R32 air/water heat pumps perform 5 to 15% better than traditional systems filled with R410A.
• More environmentally responsible, R32 reduces the fill volume of our units by 30% while also delivering better performance.

Contrary to classic heating boilers, Hitachi heat pumps have no direct CO2emissions. (CO2 only linked to the production of electricity).

Among all heating systems, this is the only one capable of producing more power than it consumes.

Heat pump carbon emission comparison guide


    This low-consumption pump adapts its flow rate to the needs of domestic heating, achieving cost-savings of up to 60% compared to a traditional pump.
    You will appreciate the dual function that enables you to provide heating in winter, and refreshing cooling in summer.
    Hitachi thought up simplicity! You will appreciate:
    – The new intuitive interface.
    – The timer-based program settings.
    – Control of your ambient heat settings and of hot water.
    – The scope for managing a second heating zone.
    – Heating management for your swimming pool.
    – Electrical consumption reduced in standby mode.
    – Management of readings from your boiler.
    The compressor developed and manufactured by Hitachi incorporates inverter technology.
    This enables the heat pump to modulate its operating performance to meet the needs of residential heating precisely. Inverter technology reduces consumption by 30% compared to a traditional compressor, creating a reduction in your electricity bill.
  • EXTERNAL HOT WATER (optional)
    Domestic hot water cylinders (150L to 300L) enable you to assure the hot water needs of a family of up to 6 people.
  • BACK-UP SYSTEM (optional)
    In case of additional heating need, backup heaters ensure that comfort is always maintained.

The Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump Can Be Combined With:

  • Radiators.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Underfloor heating/radiator combination.
  • Water heaters.
  • Other external heating sources such as boilers, stove or solar thermal systems.


Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump Range

The size of the heat pump you require will depend on many different factors and Firebird can help you determine the right model for your home.

Firebird Range:
5kW 11kW
7.5kW 14kW
8KW 16kW

Control your level of comfort


• Remote control of your heat pump via smartphone, tablet, PC;
• the full range of functions can be accessed easily;
• management of temperatures and of ventilation;
• weekly programming;
• holiday function ;
• assistant function: program your heating configuration in advance simply by answering 3 questions ;
• SMART TIP function : in a single click, lower your setpoint temperatures and save up to 7% on energy costs.




Let your heat pump manage things for you

Your comfort is improved by the responsiveness of your closed-loop control system.





Multiple range of functions. As well as essential functions, you will have access to:

• weekly programming: enables you to configure up to 5 different temperature ranges each day;
• the «holiday» function: assures an ideal temperature for your property while you are away from home, using setpoint temperatures that you set up before leaving;
• the anti-freeze function : protects your system in winter;
• your annual energy consumption levels are stored and displayed.

Product Specification

NAME OF THE SYSTEMYutaki M 2Yutaki M 3Yutaki M 4Yutaki M 5Yutaki M 6
CapacityHeating (Min/Nom/Max)kW1.85/4.30/6.502.1/8.00/11.004.30/11.00/15.204.80/14.00/16.705.50/16.00/17.80
Cooling (Nom/Max)kW4.00/5.006.50/7.007.20/11.809.50/12.6010.50/13.70
ConsumptionHeating (Nom)kW0.821.742.202.973.50
Cooling (Nom)kW1.001.942.182.683.17
Electrical powerSingle-phase1 ~230V 50Hz1 ~230V 50Hz1 ~230V 50Hz1 ~230V 50Hz1 ~230V 50Hz1 ~230V 50Hz-
Three-phase3N ~400V 50 Hz3N ~400V 50 Hz3N ~400V 50 Hz3N ~400V 50 Hz
COP (Water 35 C, Ambient 7 C)Nominal5.254.605.004.714.57
EER (Water 7 C, Ambient 35 C)Nominal4.003.353.543.543.31
Energy rating at 35 CMedium climateA+++A+++A+++A+++A++
Seasonal efficiency at 35 C, SCOP / ƞs4.93/1814.25/1774.75/1874.45/1753.90/153
Energy rating at 55 CA++A++A++A++A++
Seasonal efficiency at 55 C, SCOP / ƞs3.58/1333.25/1253.48/1363.40/1333.30/125
SEER / ƞsSingle-phase4.11/1623.95/1554.93/1944.83/1904.70/185
Outdoor operating temperaturesHeating (DB)-20 to 25-20 to 25-25 to 25-25 to 25-25 to 25
Hot water (DB)-20 to 35-20 to 35-25 to 35-25 to 35-25 to 35
Cooling (DB)10 to 4610 to 4610 to 4610 to 4610 to 46
Water production temperaturesHeating20 to 6020 to 6020 to 6020 to 6020 to 60
Hot water30 to 7530 to 7530 to 7530 to 7530 to 75
Cooling5 to 225 to 225 to 225 to 225 to 22
Maximum currentSingle-phase12.717.230.830.830.8
Water pipe diameterInput-outputinches1-11-11-1/4 – 1-1/41-1/4 – 1-1/41-1/4 – 1-1/4
Minimum water volume of the installationl2828384655
Water flow(Min/Nom/Max)m3/h0.50 – 0.77 – 1.900.60 – 1.29 – 2.101.00 – 1.89 – 2.801.10 – 2.41 – 3.001.20 – 2.75 – 3.00
Air flowm3/h2,5262,9824,8005,4006,000
Sound powerdB(A)6169646569
CompressorScroll DC InverterRotary DC InverterScroll DC InverterScroll DC InverterScroll DC Inverter
Refrigerant chargekg (m)1.201.302.803.103.10
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm704 x 1,248 x 300704 x 1,248 x 3001,380×1,252×3701,380×1,252×3701,380×1,252×370