Envirogreen™ Heatpac

These Firebird boilers which are manufactured in Ireland are generally found in more traditional heating systems. Providing heat for radiators and separate hot water cylinders. They are installed as part of a system. Regular ‘heat only’ boilers can form part of a sealed system or open vent system.

This Firebird range of external boilers is similar in specification to their equivalent indoor models, with the addition of a built-in frost thermostat. There is no requirement to house the boiler in a building, so this option provides an ideal solution if internal space is at a premium.


  • High-quality weather-proof PVC- coated casing (outputs up to 58kW).
  • Fully insulated to prevent heat loss.
  • Patented heat exchanger design.
  • 4-tapping points for ease of installation.
  • Fitted with frost protection stat.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Stainless steel terminal guard.
  • High-performance low NOx Elco burner.
  • Removable side panels for easy access.
  • Seven models in outputs from 12kW to 73kW

Product Specification

Envirogreen ModelProduct CodeWeight kg (including burner)ErP RatingDimensions (mm)
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 12-18kWEGE018HPK134A945620625
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 12-20kWEGE020HPK154A945720625
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 20-26kWEGE026HPK154A945720625
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 26-35kWEGE035HPK158A945720625
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 36-44kWEGE044HPK244A1074839855
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 58kWEGE058HPK250A1074839855
Envirogreen™ Heatpac 73kWEGE073HPK280A1200903855

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