Low Loss Header




The 2009/125/EC Directive states: “Boilers with rated heat outputs greater than 70kW (and less than 400kW) that are installed in new builds or as refurbishment projects MUST comply with the directive and achieve greater than 86% GCV”.

Can Firebird help to meet the Directive requirements - Absolutely Yes!

Firebird condensing boilers have been designed to be as efficient as possible so not only can the directive be met, significant operational cost savings can also be made when using modern Firebird oil fired condensing boilers, compared with older cast iron single output units currently found in light commercial situations (up to 20%).

Light commercial projects such as nursing homes, small hotels and schools, have always relied upon large single unit standard efficiency boilers - predominantly manufactured from cast iron. These new directives provide new challenges for the existing industry.

Alternatives when planning for the provision of heating systems in light commercial projects will have to be considered:

• The use of smaller, highly efficient condensing boilers will become standard practice.

• Multiple smaller output boilers in a cascade arrangement will become common place.

Linking boilers into a management cascade system can deliver significant efficiency gains as the system can reduce overall boiler output, dependent on demand.

By smart thinking and design, the use of smaller boilers and management systems can significantly reduce capital cost compared with large single source heating units.


How it works?

For larger heat demands, all Firebird high efficiency condensing boilers can easily be multi cascaded (modulation) through the Los Loss Header Management System.

These cascade units can provide a condensing output of up to 600kW with the ability to reduce overall output down to a ratio of 1:4. This ensures efficiency is maintained even when demand is low.

The controller manages the boilers to deliver heat to the Low Loss Header, depending on demand from the Low Loss Header.


System Features

• ErP Compliant when used with a Firebird condensing oil boiler.

• High efficiency boilers/system.

• Fully condensing


Low Loss Header Features

• Easy to install - 4 mounting points.

• Rotational to facilitate pipe work.

• Large tapping for larger boilers (can be bushed down as required).

• Easy accessible draining tap.

• Convenient tapping points for expansion provison.


Management Controller Features

• Controls up to 4 equal sized boilers. 

• Weather compensation built in.

• Timed control rotation of master/slave function (10-800hrs).

• Two button navigation selection.

• Clearly marked electrical connections.

• Easy set up


Low Loss Header 

Key Benefits & Features

• Available in three sizes: 100kW, 200kW and 600kW max. input.

• Compact space saving design. 

• Achieves hydraulic separation between boilers and system.

• The correct temperature balance between the boiler flow and return is attained.

• The fitting of a Low Loss Header ensures that the boilers function at their peak efficiencies.

• Robust construction.

• Tappings for air vent/drain/expansion vessel and sensor pocket as standard.

• Flexible installing options.

• Highly insulated protective casing.

• 5 year warranty.

• Off-the-shelf availability.