Firebird Retrofit Burner



Firebird Retrofit Burner

A New Era of Environmental Excellence for the Burner Retrofit Market

New Modern Technology

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Saves money on running costs
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Clean burning blue flame technology

Setting new standards for Low NOx Burner Technology.

Go green without costing the earth.


Firebird Retrofit Burner  |  Features & Benefits

-- Environmentally Friendly

Future proof for low NOx emissions, the Firebird by Elco burner tests show results as low as 60 mg/kWh easily beating the ERP directive 2018 of 120 mg/kWh.

-- Trouble Free Plug & Play

Key components easily identifiable by dedicated connectors.

-- Saves Money on Running Costs

The clean burning light blue flame and efficient settings means using less liquid fuel, good for the environment and costing less to run.

-- Fast & Easy to Install

Factory pre-set, require only minor adjustments, remove and adjust key components with a single allen key.

-- Easy to Service & Maintain

All parts are easy to access thanks to a dedicated servicing position.




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Firebird provides a comprehensive, conditional warranty of 2 yrs from date of installation, provided installation has occurred within 12mths from date of purchase. For more info, please contact us.