Enviroair Air Source Heat Pumps

Enviroair air source heat pumps provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and hot water systems. Used extensively throughout Europe, air source heat pumps provide the ideal renewable heating option as they are among the few technologies capable of meeting the expectations of consistent heating quality and cost-efficiency.

Firebird Enviroair air source heat pump are MCS Approved which means homeowners are able to receive payments under the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (providing they are installed by a MCS Approved contractor). These incentives make the installation of an air source heat pump a financially attractive option to either update an existing heating system, or to incorporate as part of a new build.

Available in single phase outputs from 7.5 kW to 16kW, the Enviroair range provides a compact and space saving solution as a single Monobloc unit is installed outside the property.

Features & Benefits

Adaptable - can be retrofitted alongside an existing heating system or used as stand-alone
Compact & Space Saving - single Monobloc unit is installed outside the property
Flexible Connection Options - under floor heating, traditional radiators and domestic hot water up to 60°C.
Renewable Energy - converts 1kW into 5kW output for economical heating and domestic hot water
Money Saving - can save money on running costs due to high levels of efficiency
Ultra-Quiet Operation - amongst the best in class for sound power levels
MCS Approved - eligible for the Government Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

How do Enviroair Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Put simply, the Enviroair air source heat pump works by using a refrigeration process to transform low-grade energy from the outside air into high-grade energy. The high grade energy (heat) created by the heat is automatically transferred to water which is then ready to be used in a heating system, or for providing domestic hot water (up to 60°C). Even at temperatures as low as -20°C, the air source heat pump can supply significantly more energy than it uses. Cheaper to install than ground source heat pumps, every 1kW of electricity used to power the Enviroair air source heat pumps is capable of providing up to 5kW of energy in a well-insulated home.

These high levels of efficiency can not only provide a significant reduction in heating bills for the homeowner, but can also save considerably on running costs when compared to other air source heat pumps. Enviroair air source heat pumps are ideal for both newbuild and refurbishment projects as they are easy to install and offer total flexibility as they can be retrofitted alongside an existing heating system or used as stand-alone.

State-of-the-art Wireless Controls

Room temperatures are controlled effortlessly and efficiently with an intuitive, wired programmable thermostat or by intelligent remote room sensors, which can be operated remotely via a smartphone app. The system controller automatically runs the entire heating system, including controlling any pre-existing boilers and has a built-in weather compensation control. Easy to operate; control functions such as hot water loading, auto heat, screed drying functions, a ‘one-touch’ holiday button and automatic switch off if a certain outside temperature is reached are also included.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Historically, a limitation with air source heat pumps has been the level of sound energy generated (sound power), especially where Building Regulations are required when installing an air source heat pump. In comparison, Enviroair air source heat pumps are ultra-quiet in operation, and considered to be amongst the best in their class for sound power levels (61-65 dB(A)).

Heat Pump Hot Water Storage Cylinders

An air source heat pump requires a dedicated cylinder with a purpose-designed coil to allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water. Air source heat pump coils are much larger than traditional boiler coils because the hot water travelling through the coil is at a lower temperature. A greater surface area is therefore required to transfer the heat to the stored water. Envirocyl™ air source heat pump cylinders are also available as a pre-plumbed option in the same range of capacities as the standard version. Saving valuable installation time, Envirocyl™ pre-plumbed air source heat pump cylinders include pre-fabricated pipework, wiring and an integrated 50 litre buffer.

Envirocyl™ air source heat pump water storage cylinders are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel and include an electric immersion as standard.

For further information on the Envirocyl range of air source heat pump hot water storage cylinders please contact Firebird Products

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Envirofloor Underfloor Heating Systems

When used in conjunction with an air source heat pump, a ‘wet’ underfloor heating system is the most efficient way to provide space heating. As both technologies either produce or utilise water at a far lower temperature than a traditional radiator system, less energy is required and heating bills are reduced. Not only is this a cost-effective option but there are also huge advantages in terms of comfort for occupants as heat rises uniformly from the floor and is distributed evenly.

A ‘wet’ underfloor heating system is like a giant radiator at floor level. A series of plastic pipes are connected to the Enviroair air source heat pump to circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space by producing radiant heat. Since the floor (the radiator) is so large and the heat is more evenly distributed, it only needs to run at a low temperature to heat the room.

For further information on Envirofloor underfloor heating systems click here to view brochure


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Firebird Enviroair air source heat pumps are covered by a 5-year manufacturers warranty as standard. For further information, please contact us.