Enviropac Systempac & Combipac


Envirogreen Systempac

The Envirogreen Systempac is an external boiler with similar specifications to their equivalent indoor model, with the addition of a built in frost thermostat.


  • High quality weather-proof PVC-coated casing.
  • Low pressure switch protects boiler in the event of system water loss.
  • Factory-fitted expansion vessel and circulating pump saves space and installation time.
  • Fully insulated to prevent heat loss.
  • Patented heat exchanger design.
  • Fitted with frost protection stat.
  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • Stainless steel terminal guard.
  • Flue can exit left or right.
  • High performance low NOx Elco burner.
  • Four models in outputs from 12kW to 44kW.


Combipac Features :

  • Excellent hot water performance.
  • PCB controller with highly accurate thermistors.
  • Rapid re-heat after hot water draw-off.
  • Single high efficiency Grundfos circulating pump.
  • Fully insulated and acoustically designed for ultra quiet operation.
  • High quality weatherproof PVC coated casings.
  • No flow switch - water flow is electronically detected.
  • Removable sides for ease of access.
  • Multi-directional flue options.
  • Robust "positive shut-off" filling loop and check valve.
  • Factory fitted frost protection stat.
  • Low pressure switch protects the boiler in the ulikely event of system water loss.
  • High performance low NOx Elco burner.
  • Three models available in outputs from 12kW to 35kW.


 Model - Envirogreen
 (output range)

  Sales Code

 Envirogreen Systempac 12-20kW
 Envirogreen Systempac 20-26kW
 Envirogreen Systempac 26-35kW
 Envirogreen Systempac 36-44kW
 Envirogreen Combipac HE 12-20kW
 Envirogreen Combipac HE 20-26kW
 Envirogreen Combipac HE 26-35kW