Condensing Boilers


Following a three year research and development programme, we are proud to launch the new Envirogreen™ Low NOx range of boilers. Designed specifically to meet the stringent environmental requirements of the second phase of the Ecodesign directive, the new range delivers advanced boiler technology without any associated price premium.

What are NOx Emissions?

Nitrogen Oxide emissions – or NOx emissions as they are more commonly known, is the general term that relates to the release of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and the chemically related colourless gas Nitrogen Monoxide (NO). These gases are released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned at high temperatures. When in high concentrations, these potentially harmful by products of the combustion process are known to contribute to global pollution.

The Ecodesign Directive

The Ecodesign Directive is a European initiative which governs the design and performance of energy using products, to reduce the amount of energy consumed and the subsequent impact on the environment. New requirements on flue gas emissions state that harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from domestic liquid fuel boilers must not exceed 120mg/kWh.

The Envirogreen™ Story

At Firebird we are no strangers to innovation, having developed the most efficient domestic liquid fuel fired boiler in Europe. Whilst meeting all the environmental criteria, the downside to this particular type of technology is the cost, resulting in a premium priced boiler. We therefore set ourselves a challenge to design a boiler that exceeded the NOx reduction requirements, offered the same outstanding level of performance, but most importantly remained an affordable option for our customers. Following an extensive research and development programme, in conjunction with European burner experts elco, the Envirogreen™ range was born.

Featuring cutting-edge burner technology this new range ticks every box.

  • Meets NOx reduction requirements.
  • Performance data listed on the Product Characteristics Database (HARP).
  • Easy to install and service.
  • Cost-effective.



Why Choose Envirogreen™?

  • Trouble-Free Plug & Play Burner
    Key components easily identified by dedicated connectors.
  • Fast & Easy to Install
    Main component parts undone with a single Allen key.
  • Easy to Service & Maintain
    Components clearly positioned and accessible.
  • Makes Financial Sense
    No associated price premium.
  • Simple Diagnostic System
    Optimised wiring system.
  • Standard Firebird Digital Control Box
    Reliable and simple to use with handy reset button.
  • Excellent Cold Start Performance.
  • Powerful Ignition System
    With separate powerful transformer.
  • Low Smoke, Clean Burn Reduces Carbon Build-up, both on burner combustion head and boiler.
  • Excellent Combustion Robustness
    CO2 level factory-set at an optimum 12.5% ensures highest levels of efficiency.
  • 100% 'Burner Test Fired' to 12.5% CO2 Levels.
  • Latest Condensate Trap Technology 316L stainless steel.
  • Outstanding Ventilation Performance. 
    Ensures complete combustion.
  • Post Purge as Standard.
  • Latest Danfos Pump Technology. 
    Up to 100m suction capacity.
  • Single-Forge Combustion Head.
  • Latest Condensate Trap Technology
    With 316L stainless steel.
  • Adjustable Feet on all Boilerhouse Models.
  • Performance Data PCDB (HARP) listed.
  • Listed on the Heating Appliance Register of Performance.



Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Low NOx Compliant
    Exceeds current requirements of the second phase of the Ecodesign Directive.

  • Superior Flue Gas Recirculation
    Significantly reduces NOx emissions.

  • Extremely Low Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions.

  • Low Electrical Consumption.


  • Makes Financial Sense
    Increased operating efficiency saves fuel and reduces bills.

  • Ultra-Reliable
    No error prone complex parts.

  • Helping the environment.