Enviromax Kitchen


Envirogreen Kitchen


A high quality finish ensures that this boiler fits into your kitchen perfectly.


  • Compact design - fits under standard kitchen worktop (outputs up to 35kW).
  • Hard wearing casings with premium quality finish.
  • Patented heat exchanger design.
  • 4-tapping points for ease of installation.
  • Front service access.
  • PCB controller with anti cycling function (outputs up to 35kW).
  • Fully insulated and acoustically designed for ultra quiet operation.
  • Multi directional flue options.
  • High performance low NOx burner.
  • Optional condensate pump.
  • Eight models in outputs from 12kW to 100kW.


Model - Envirogreen (output range) 

Sales Code

 Envirogreen Kitchen 12-18kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 12-20kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 20-26kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 26-35kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 36-44kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 58kW
 Envirogreen Kitchen 73kW
 Commercial Utility 80-100kW