Multifuel Backboiler Inset Stove - Flue Options 


Firebird recommends that a thorough inspection of the chimney is carried out prior to any works. The chimney should be of sound construction, free from debris, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and have no evidence of cracks or other faults. Best installation practice is to install a flue lining suitable for solid fuels. A rigid connection adaptor should then be used to connect the flue liner to the stove.

Firebird provides a flue adapter as part of the stove purchase. Please see the below flue drawings to define which would be most suitable for your system.

The drawings consist of the following:

  •  offset clay pot adapter;
  •  straight clay pot adapter;
  •  offset flexi adapter;
  •  straight flexi adapter.

Stove Flue Diagram 1                                                                      




Stove Flue Diagram 2




Stove Flue Diagram 3




Stove Flue Diagram 4