Boiler Passport

OFTEC Registration Number Date of Installation*
Installation Engineer Name & Address*
Installation Engineer Contact Details*
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OFTEC Registration Number Date of Commissioning*
Commisioning Engineer Name & Address*
Commissioning Engineer Contact Details*
Appliance Make & Model
Appliance Serial Number* Date Code
Burner Make & Model*
Burner Serial No.* Burner Code
Householder's Name & Address*
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Automatic Bypass fitted to system?*
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Has the system been flushed?
Has an inhibitor been added?
Has a remote acting fire valve been fitted?*
Oil supply configuration:*  
If 2-pipe or de-aerator, has bypass been fitted to oil pump?
Has a fuel filter with a micron rating <70µm been fitted?*


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Digital Flue Gas Analyser Make & Model*
Boiler Performance Burner Settings    
Efficiency (nett) % Nozzle Size* Air Damper Setting*
CO2 Concentration* % Nozzle Angle* ° Adjustable Head Setting
CO Concentration % Nozzle Pattern* Conventional Flue Draught mbar
Flue Gas Temperature* °C Oil Pump Pressure* Oil Pump Vacuum bar
Smoke Number* Fuel Type*


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Does the heating and hot water system comply with the appropriate Building Regulations?*
Has the appliance, flue system and associated equipment been installed and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions?*
Have the appliance and controls been wired in accordance with local and European electrical regulations in force at the time?*
Have you checked the complete installation (including boiler, flue, radiators, pipework, tank and fuel line) for water, oil or gas leaks?*
Have you demonstrated the operation of the appliance and system controls to the customer?*
Have you left all of the manufacturer's literature and this passport with the customer?*
Has the necessary provision for combustion and ventilation air as required by BS5410 and the appliance manufacturer's instructions been provided?*
Where the completion of CD10 and CD11 documentation is a requirement of the Building Regulations, have these been completed?*
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