New HNBR Oil Hose

As a global market leader, Firebird is committed to developing innovative solutions to future proof home heating. 
We listened to our Service Engineers – carried out research & implemented the change.

All Firebird boilers manufactured from the 1st of December, will come with the new oil hose as standard & all spare oil hoses ordered after this  date will be HNBR.

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HNBR Oil Hose Brochure


Data Sheet

HNBR-machine hose (with braiding)
Product groups: MAS-HNBR (S13 …, SL17 …)


This oil and fuel resistant flexible elastomer hose is fitted with galvanised steel wire braiding as a pressure or strength bearer. The polymer basis of the inner core is HNBR (hydrogenated butadiene acrylonitrile rubber) which is highly resistant to high temperature. Suitable for use with Biodiesel.


Shore hardness A (Inner core)68 ±5°C
Temperature resistance135°C*
Low-temperature flexibility-40°C
Pressure resistance (static)20 bar
Pressure resistance (dynamic)10 bar
Minimum bursting pressure40 bar
Ozone resistanceGood

*(for a short time up to: 150°C)

Coloured identification: yellow tracer threads (2 x 2, crossed)


Fuel oil (L, EL)++
Diesel fuel++
Gasoline (room temperature)+)’
Methanol, ethanol (room temperature)++
Hydraulic oil (mineral oil basis, glycol basis)+
Engine oil, Vegetable oil++
Protectiv gas (CO2, argon etc.)++
Air (up to 135°C)+
Tap water (room temperature)++
Tap water (up to 125°C)+
Acids and lyes

)’ the material doesn’t meet the requirements of DIN 73379 to the inner layer.

“++” = very suitable / “+” = suitable / “o” = suitable to limited extent / ”–” = not suitable

  • Biodiesel above mentioned is intended as FAME according to EN 14214.
  • Tests carried out with pure Biodiesel at 70°C and 100°C.
    It is very difficult to predict the lifetime of an oil hose, as it is strongly depending on the operating conditions (temperature, dynamic loads/stresses, etc.).